“I only have five employees…”

A company with one or 1,000 employees is subject to exactly the same legislation.
No Right To Work, no valid passport, no ID, no visa does mean no job.

No matter how many employees, hiring someone who does not have the right to work,
is simply illegal and will result in a fine and / or imprisonment.


Urban Myth

“They are on a trial shift…”

Staff are seemed to be working for you as soon as they step on your ‘floor’. You need
to prove that you have checked their Right To Work before they start working.

As soon as they are serving your customers, working in your office, preparing food
in your kitchen they MUST have the Right to Work.


Urban Myth

"I checked their ID when they
started and have a copy"

This is not sufficient to release you and your business from a potential penalty. To obtain your Statutory
Excuse you MUST have checked specified documents that relate to the person you are employing.
A fraudulent document that you have a copy of does not provide a valid excuse.

Copying ID documents doesn’t mean the individual has the right to work!


Urban Myth

"They have been working for
another UK company"

You cannot use this to establish a Statutory Excuse. It is your responsibility to check
your employees. This includes if you TUPE staff in to your company after an acquisition.

Did we mention the current fine is £20,000 per illegal worker or five years in prison?


Urban Myth

“They have been working in
the UK for years...”

You take responsibility for each and every employee as soon as they come through your door.
Having spent years working in another business does not mean you do not have
complete Right To Work checks.

Working in the UK for another employer does not mean they have been
working legally - you are still liable.


Urban Myth

Keeping your business and your reputation protected...

Right to Work checks are now (or should be) part of the induction / recruitment process for every business when taking on new staff or TUPE staff across to your business.

At RTW Checker we are much, much more than a software tick box – our experienced team are on hand to use the best in class checks for your company. This might be mobile, desktop or scanner based. We work with you to understand your business, your on-boarding processes and create a process that ensures you comply with Home Office Statutory Excuse but in a way which does not add workload and become a burden to your team.

Our unique RTW Dashboard provides insights to the nationalities you are recruiting and the failures you might be experiencing – in fact it is a one page board report on your businesses Right to Work status.

We provide a dedicated helpdesk to manually check all passports and IDs that fail the first line checks and no ID is deemed a failure until a member of our team has checked the validity of the document on your behalf.

If you are using an ATS or HR payroll system then chat to us – our open API channels will make integration a breeze. We are the Right to Work check specialists and if it is 1 check or 500,000 checks then we should be your first call for Right to Work checks.

Our services...

Consultative approach

Listening to your needs

Understanding your concerns

Creating a best in class solution for you

Online, mobile or scanner based options

Working with The Home Office for you

Independent auditing of sites and HQ processes

Assisting with exiting individuals when required

Legal experts on hand when required

We are Employment and Immgration law experts

Stand-alone RTW checks...

Employees are not all the same and neither are company cultures which is why we don’t believe there is one solution which works for all of our customers hence our approach is to treat you differently to any other customer.

We partner with you to create a Right to Work solution for your business, regardless of the size, number of sites and the processes in place.

Every solution is unique to ensure it works for you, and our dedicated team will train your teams to ensure that Right to Work checks becomes a ‘job’ that is completed with no hassle and no fuss and upon the arrival of the Home Office for an inspection, all you need do is log in into your RTW Dashboard and your checks will be there for any scrutiny.

We are your partner in Right to Work checks.

ATS or Payroll Integration

As recruitment technology improves, we understand elements such as Right to Work checks need to be updated as well. And that is exactly what we do at RTW Checker. You want to integrate with your ATS or HR payroll provider – no problem. Our dedicated software team will create a workflow which will see a fast, easy and intelligent integration of our system and yours.

All checks are still saved by us for ultimate protection but every new employee will have to be checked before they begin a trial or start working at your company.

We deliver a path that ensures limited or no additional workload for your team and we even will highlight to you when an ID or Visa is due to expire – yes no more excel spreadsheets! Making certain that your business is protected from the moment you bring RTW Checker on board.

Pay As You Go...

You might have realised by now that we are confident that our approach to Right to Work checking is, in our opinion and that of our clients, the very best available. But we are not just here for larger businesses and brands. We have created a dedicated website to ensure that whatever size your business is that you can enjoy the same level of checks as larger organisations by offering a pay as you go scan option.  This means that you can purchase 1 – 100+ scans, when it suits you.

Click through to our dedicated website here and your business can be completely compliant with the latest Home Office guidelines for Statutory Excuse.

Failure to comply can see your business fined £20,000 with civil penalties even higher plus the real threat of imprisonment for any director involved in the recruitment of those without the Right to Work in the UK.

  •   When it comes to document checks there are lots of commentators that talk a good game, but RTW Checker helps you make it happen. They have enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to share it with the business. Their team is extremely friendly and ever so helpful. I think that a great business collaborations support its development and progression. Definitely, highly recommended if you ask me

    Agata Mannini HR Director Gaucho and M Restaurants
  • We at the Duck and Rice have been using RTWChecker for over 6 months now and the benefits have been huge. Not only the “peace of mind” factor but the quick way in which we can now audit and monitor makes this an amazing tool for us to use.

    Managing Director The Duck & Rice
  • Having worked with Penny and her team at RTW Checker on a number of Right to work related projects during the last year or so I have found her to be highly competent in her areas of expertise. She exceeds clients expectations through high levels of support and constant communication. Her approach is extremely engaging to the teams she works with.

    Susan Cleminson Head of HR - Vapiano

Urban Myth…


“I only have five employees…”

 A company with one or 1,000 employees is subject to exactly the same legislation. No Right To Work, no valid passport, no ID, no visa does mean no job.

No matter how many employees, hiring someone who does not have the right to work, is simply illegal and will result in a fine and / or imprisonment.