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Right to Work

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from unauthorised workers

Why use RTW

All employees must have their ID verified to ensure the person holding the ID/ passport is the legal holder. Plus checked they have the legal Right To Work within the UK. Penalties now unlimited for each illegal worker, five years imprisonment and closure of business are now available to the Home Office. Ideally, these checks should be used for existing employees as well as new recruits.

Self Service

Our Self Service quite simply enables you to check the validity of the passport for forgeries or fraudulent use and WILL show you exactly who the true bearer of the passport is – not just what you see in the picture. Our instant report, that checks files from over 120 countries, will make certain the holder of the passport IS the person standing in front of you and ensure you meet Home Office Statutory Excuse.

Managed Service

Our Managed Service checks the actual passport for authenticity using the largest reference database in the world, searching more than 120 countries; we then, manually, check that the holder of the passport has a legal Right To Work in the UK. We also advise and monitor work permits for you and we will store the information and scans within EU Compliant data centres for you to retrieve at any time

Urban Myth…


“I only have five employees…”

 A company with one or 1,000 employees is subject to exactly the same legislation. No Right To Work, no valid passport, no ID, no visa does mean no job.

No matter how many employees, hiring someone who does not have the right to work, is simply illegal and will result in a fine and / or imprisonment.