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Why our customers use RTW Checker...

RTW Checker is the leading provider of Right to Work services within the hospitality sector.

Our consultative approach and knowledge of the hospitality sector ensure our customers can sleep at night without the fear of what a Home Office audit might uncover.

We recognise every business we work with will have different requirements, different systems and different issues – and that is why we do not have a one box solution – we provide the best in class Right to Work checks for every customer regardless of size and circumstances.

Understanding your processes will ensure you receive the service you and your business needs for your Right to Work Checks. Our solutions work with central HR teams, those businesses with large single sites (such as food processing) and multi-site brands who need Right to Work checks made securely by a unit manager.

Whatever path you need to take our experienced and knowledgeable team will make certain your Right to Work checks meet and surpass Home Office Statutory Excuse.

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Our services...

Consultative approach

Listening to your needs

Understanding your concerns

Creating best in class solution for you

Online, on phone or scanner based options

Working with Home Office for you

Independent auditing of sites and HQ processes

Assisting with exiting individuals when required

Legal experts on hand when required

Why use RTW Checker?

Employees are not all the same and neither are company cultures which is why we don’t believe there is one solution which works for all of our customers hence our approach is to treat you differently to any other customer.

We partner with you to create a Right to Work solution for your business regardless of the size of business, number of sites and the processes in place. Every solution is unique to ensure it works for you. We can even create bespoke dashboards and API links to ATS or HR Employee software.

We will liaise with the Home Office on your behalf and even appoint lawyers to assist in any damaging issues you face. What we do is take Right to Work off your day to day agenda as you will be confident it is being dealt with professionally.

Our Consultancy

At RTW Checker we start by listening. Our senior team has a combined total of 75 years experience in hospitality and HR, from the floor to the boardroom, so our approach is very different to a technology company offering a tick box solution.

From understanding the application process through to working with your chosen ATS partner we will make sure that employees start with the correct Right to Work checks in place.

We can undertake an audit of existing Right to Work practices and provide a board report to highlight any areas where you should be more robust with your checks. In addition, we can train your restaurant or area managers to highlight what to look for, what practices exist, how to make certain that the checks being made exceed Statutory Excuse and what happens to a business when their checks do not meet Home Office guidelines. We can also check existing employees remotely to ensure all boxes are ticked.

Our Technology

Our technology solution is created around your own business practices. We have a solution for checks that are made by taking copies of IDs and sending them to a central HR department.

We offer a scanner option for large single site operations such as stadia or hospitality venues where all employees will be coming to one location. And for multi-site businesses, we can offer a solution for site managers to manage Right to Work checks at an individual unit level.

All checks are made to the highest standard and supported by a UK helpdesk that checks paper IDs and reviews suspect documentation on your behalf. When supporting evidence is required, such as a Visa, you update these to your dedicated system and we will automatically alert 90 days before expiration.

All documents are accessible by nominated personnel from our secure server 24/7 – ideal for those Home Office audits.

Urban Myth…


“I only have five employees…”

 A company with one or 1,000 employees is subject to exactly the same legislation. No Right To Work, no valid passport, no ID, no visa does mean no job.

No matter how many employees, hiring someone who does not have the right to work, is simply illegal and will result in a fine and / or imprisonment.