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At RTW Checker, we have a wide range of resources to assist you with what happens after the checks.

What happens if you find that you do have illegal workers – RTW Checker can advise you on best practice and how to deal with these situations. This can be the legal ramifications where our experienced legal team will be on hand for you or it might be that you require PR support to manage any potential crisis PR that you could be exposed to. Again we can recommend experts to advise you.

What to do about non-compliance – If existing employees refuse to provide documents, we are able to advise your team how to deal with this scenario and about your next legal steps. We know the legal status and the approach you must take to avoid difficult legal proceedings that could cost you time and money. We can either give you verbal advice, write the necessary legal correspondence or, if required, attend difficult employee meetings.

If you are unfortunate enough to face inspection by the Home Office or have to work with the Home Office to remove illegal workers, we can assist you by either advising you how to handle these meeting / conversations, or acting as the go between as your official advisors.

Continuing support – when required we can provide an alert system for the ID checks we have taken. This might include passport and /or visa expiry plus the storage of documents for the ‘lifetime’ of the employee within your business. This service will help ensure you maintain your Statutory Excuse as required by the Home Office.

**Home Office states: A ‘Statutory Excuse’ protects a business from a potential civil penalty being imposed on the employer and /or individual for employing workers without Right To Work.

We are here for you, and to ensure your workplace and business is safe

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Urban Myth…


“They have been working in the UK for years…”

 You take responsibility for each and every employee as soon as they come through your door. Having spent years working in another business does not mean you do not have complete Right To Work checks.

Working in the UK for another employer does not mean they have been working legally – you are still liable.