Linking our checking with your software

  • The complete solution
  • Upload documents via ATS or HR portal
  • Checked for passport for authenticity
  • Verify holder and bearer is one & the same
  • Check for Right To Work and verify
  • Highlight visa status
  • Advise and report and then store data
  • You meet and surpass Statutory Excuse

How integration works…

Quite simply imagine the very service led Right to Work checks which is automatically triggered via your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or your HR Payroll/Labour Scheduliing software.

As you enter a new starter or approve a candidate to go onto your payroll a trigger for Right to Work checks takes place. One button is pressed and (in most cases) you upload the relevant IDs for the individual and we make the relevant security checks on the ID.

A report is created on the status of the check and the dashboard returns with a green, amber or red symbol.

Green and your candidate has passed all necessary checks and as long as they meet the standard checks in person (look and age etc relevant to passport/ID).

Yellow and we have seen something in the ID that needs a little more investigation or is a paper ID with limited computer checks available and we need to investigate this wth one of our specialist team.

Red and from everything we have seen this ID does not meet the standards required to have the Right to Work in th United Kingdom. This would have been checked by a dedicated member of our ID team and only after that check has been made will the result be sent back to you as a fail.


Set up fee
There is a one-off set-up fee for the dedicated portal for your business. This will be to identify and deliver the perfect candidate / employee journey.

Add all approved users.
Provide one day on-site training for up to 5 members of your team to ensure that your business complies with Home Office Statutory Excuse legislation.

Licence fee /pa

Scans per annum up to 240 240 – 600 601 -1200 1201 -1800 1801+
Full RTW Check
Completed by our dedicated team for ID and RTW validity
£Call £Call £Call £Call £Call

The minimum number of scans that can be purchased with your first order is 120. Subsequent top-ups can be at 50 scans.
We will also advise of Visa renewals from 60 days of expiry – the cost of this is included within the above package prices. Please note there is a charge of one scan per complete Visa renewal update.