Managed Service

  • The complete solution
  • Upload documents via dedicated portal
  • Checked for passport for authenticity
  • Verify holder and bearer is one & the same
  • Check for Right To Work and verify
  • Highlight visa status
  • Advise and report and then store data
  • You meet and surpass Statutory Excuse

Managed Service Explained

You have an applicant for a position and you like the CV. We provide you / your candidate with a web uplink for the applicant to upload an image of their documentation.

It will be reviewed by one of our experienced ID Technicians before we run the ID through a series of validity checks. We are looking for fraudulent, fake, expired and tampered with documents.

If the documentation fails any of these checks – which are aligned to the system used by UK Immigration officers at airports throughout the UK – a further manual check is made by our Fraud Team.

Once checked and confirmed as invalid documentation we will advise the candidate that they have failed the Right To Work checks for your business and give them the opportunity to supply different documentation.

If documentation supplied passes all our checks we will supply you with a PDF document detailing the validity checks that the ID system has carried out and, where available, the picture that is stored within the microchip of the passport/ ID card.

We will then check that the bearer of the passport/ID card has a Right To Work in the UK. Many companies are confused and unaware of what nationalities, what visas and/or student IDs give someone the Right To Work – we are not.

Our team of ID Technicians scrutinise the latest legislation to ensure that the individual in question may be employed legally by your company.

Once you receive our report all you need do is then ensure the candidate attends the interview with the original documentation enabling you to validate the image and ID details are true as per our checks and take original copies of these documents following our advice. This will provide your business with closure on the Statutory Excuse.

If the applicant holds a visa we can also create an alert to warn you two months prior to its expiry. This will enable you to make arrangements for extension of that visa in good time.

The report and a copy of the ID supplied will then be stored on our system (under the very latest ISO27001 secure server compliance) for a period of one year. Longer periods can be provided upon request.

For significant numbers of checks at one site we can place one of our ID Technicians at your business with a Home Office approved scanner and make the checks on site for you.


Set up fee
There is a one-off set-up fee for the dedicated portal for your business. This will be to identify and deliver the perfect candidate / employee journey.

Add all approved users.
Provide one day on-site training for up to 5 members of your team to ensure that your business complies with Home Office Statutory Excuse legislation.

Licence fee /pa

Scans per annum up to 240 240 – 600 601 -1200 1201 -1800 1801+
Full RTW Check
Completed by our dedicated team for ID and RTW validity
£Call £Call £Call £Call £Call

The minimum number of scans that can be purchased with your first order is 120. Subsequent top-ups can be at 50 scans.
We will also advise of Visa renewals from 60 days of expiry – the cost of this is included within the above package prices. Please note there is a charge of one scan per complete Visa renewal update.