Protecting your business

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Protecting your business from
Home Office regulations

A new service is now available for businesses to ensure all employees or job applicants have the legal right to work in the UK.

RTW Checker offers various level of services which include scanning ID documents with Home Office security level scanners on your premises, that reads the microchip, checks ink density plus interrogate the world’s most extensive database of passports and ID cards in circulation before reporting back if the passport is a legal document that enables you to verify that the bearer of the passport and the person in front of you is the same person.

RTW Checker offer a solution for companies requiring fewer checks which enables applicants or employees to upload ID images through a secure app or dedicated web link. Both of these options offer two-step authentication to provide compliance with the latest security guidelines.

If an ID fails the 40+ checks the scanner and system undertake, the individual is asked for alternative ID as it might be a poor image or unreadable machine readable zone (MRZ).

If they do pass the ID check, the RTW team will then verify that the passport bearer has a legal right to work within the UK.

If they are a student, the team at RTW will advise the hirer of the hours the individual can work and ask for copies of their study timetable to further verify the applicant.

They will then report back with an image of the passport / ID enabling you to verify that the image on the RTW report is the person in front of you and you can then sign off on the Home Office Statutory Excuse.

All the information is then stored in the RTW Checker’s secure data centre which surpasses the current data standards set by ISO27001.

And, if you do have an employee working with a visa that is due to expire, then the RTW Checker system flags this from 60 days out through to the day the visa expires ensuring you have the opportunity to advise your employee to update the visa or to ensure they are not rostered after the visa has expired.

One of the founders of RTW Checker is highly respected International HR Director, Karen Davies, who has worked with Scottish & Newcastle Retail, Novus Leisure, Beds & Bars Group and Casual Dining Group.

Davies commented:

“This is one of the most critical areas of any recruitment process in today’s tough recruitment marketplace. Many hospitality retailers know what it is like to be under the scrutiny of the Home Office and it is not something to look forward to, if right to work practices and processes are not robust.”


“RTW Checker is the most comprehensive ID and right to work checking service available. We have a system that can work in head office, in sites or remotely for applicants. We have completely re-thought the way right to work checks and ID checks take place to make the experience for the applicant and the business a completely seamless one.”


“The result is a service which all of us in hospitality need in their business. It meets the Home Office requirement for your business having a Statutory Excuse – which should you not meet and you employ someone who is in the country illegally or someone without the right to work, including trial shifts, can see your business fined up to £20,000 per illegal worker, you imprisoned for up to five years and your site closed.”


In addition to right to work checks and ID checks the team at RTW Checker have created a complete back-up service that will assist you in dealing with any irregularities in your recruitment procedures. These services include liaising with Home Office on your behalf, managing any legal issues with their team of specialist immigration lawyers to advising on crisis PR internally and externally.