Direct checking or Stand-alone checks

For organisations who wish to keep Right to Work checks as a separate check to the on-boarding process then we have the perfect stand-alone solution.

For businesses who wish to ‘see’ all documents at a central HR or payroll department or have them scanned at ‘site’ level then our desktop or mobile solution is the service you should be considering.

Our best in class checks, supported by our dedicated helpdesk and account managers will send all Right to Work results back – in just a few seconds – to your unique and secure RTW Dashboard.

Prices vary on number of scans completed and we set the Dashboard using any hierarchy necessary to make certain only those who should see results can see the results.

Linked to ATS or HR payroll

Making sure that your Right to Work checks are completed to a standard which meets Home Office Statutory Excuse is the start of any process with a customer. But we also recognise that it is hard to allocate the additional workload to an often overstretched and under resourced head office team.

So a solution to consider… integrate our intelligent Right to Work solution with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or HR Payroll or Labour Scheduling system. Our open APIs will make integration seamless and we can automate alerts for expiring IDs and provide alerts upon failures of IDs as well.

Of course you will still have access to our unique RTW Dashboard that provides a one-stop page with your current Right to Work status across your business. The RTW Dashboard is also your go to web page for searching the results PDFs if you are ever lucky(!) enough to receive a Home Office inspection.

Pay as you go…

We pride ourselves in seeking solutions for Right to Work checks for any business, regardless of size and or employee numbers. With this in mind we are proud to have launched our dedicated website for smaller enterprises to buy and check the IDs of their potential/existing employees almost instantly. This includes prior to potential staff working a trial day/shift.

One click to our secure site at and you can buy scans and our help team are on hand as you upload documents and a PDF report will be generated in just a few minutes. If your document does not have an MRZ and/or does not meet the standard at the initial check then it will go to our helpdesk and our experienced team will check and report back to you on the status of the documents provided – normally within the same day.

Right to Work Training…

Right to Work is an increasing concern for businesses, with the risk of fines and PR headaches for HR professionals who have to know immigration legislation, its practical impact on the workforce and how it clashes with employment law legislation. This course helps you navigate your way through how to handle Right to Work issues, by giving simple, practical advice and tools for you to use in your workplace.

Urban Myth…


“They are on a trial shift…”

 Staff are seemed to be working for you as soon as they step on your ‘floor’. You need to prove that you have checked their Right To Work before they start working. 

As soon as they are serving your customers, working in your office, preparing food in your kitchen they MUST have the Right to Work.