Self Service

  • Ideal for larger organisations
  • Scan ID yourself or web portal
  • We store the scans
  • Reduced cost per ID check
  • Unpredented standard of checks
  • You confirm ID & person the same
  • Check conforms with UK RTW
  • You meet Statutory Excuse

Self Service Explained

For larger organisations we can supply a Home Office vetted scanner that will read the security features of the passport – including ink density and microchip information to make certain that the passport / ID provided is valid and not fraudulent, out of date or fake. So much more than just MRZ check – Machine Readable Zone.

If you choose to purchase a RTW scanner – providing the most secure of checks then you will benefit from a discount of 20% against your contracted scan costs.

The report provided can then be checked against the candidate and you can sign off on their employment once you have checked the Right To Work rules are being followed correctly and you have your Statutory Excuse*.

In addition to a bespoke portal we can offer a web link upload for companies requiring fewer checks. The applicant then uploads their document – this makes certain that there is no error in keying data and our system will check the validity of the ID and once checked send you the report to verify against the existing or potential employee.

Should the candidate’s ID fail any check we will provide you with the details of the failure for you to follow up with the individual.

If you want your own company to have a dedicated front end, we can add your company branding to our system and help with the API and front end design (additional charges apply).

*Home Office states: A ‘Statutory Excuse’ protects a business from a potential civil penalty being imposed on the employer and /or individual for employing workers without Right To Work.


Set up fee
There is a one-off set-up fee of £Call which includes:
Set up of the RTW system
Full on-site training for up to 5 members of your team to ensure they have the knowledge to manage the RTW Self-Service system.

Licence fee /pa

£Call* (Also includes full integration of scanner with your system)

Scans per annum up to 240 240 – 600 601 -1200 1201 -1800 1801+
Per document scan:
*If scanner used – 20%
£Call £Call £Call £Call £Call
Per document scan
If help desk required
£Call £Call £Call £Call £Call

The minimum number of scans that can be purchased with your first order is 120. Subsequent top-ups can be at 50 scans. *Discounted rate of 20% if scanner purchased and scans made using the scanner. Recommended if more than 600 scans per annum.