What is…
“Right To Work?”

As an employer you are responsible to ensure all of your employees, including temporary staff on a trial shift, have a legal Right To Work within the UK.

The Immigration Act 2016 has removed any potential grey area over who has the ultimate responsibility to validate the legal status of the Right To Work of the applicant who presents him/ herself to your company. The responsibility is yours.

The ultimate sanction for breach is an unlimited fine per illegal employee / worker plus a maximum prison sentence of five years. With effect from 1 December 2016 the Home Office have additional powers to close your premises in the event of persistent breaches.

Of course what must also be taken into account is the huge reputational damage that can happen. One internet search of a well known casual dining business will demonstrate how the financial penalties imposed by the Home Office paled into insignificance against the damage to the brand after they were caught employing illegal workers and customers turned away in their droves.

How can RTW Checker
help you?

We provide a complete documentation and Right To Work checking system. We use the World’s largest reference system of ID cards, passports and driving licenses to ensure we have a complete and up-to-date database of all available documentation that you may come across.

The accuracy of the Right To Work ID Checker is demonstrated by the fact that this system and databases we use are of the same standards as law enforcement agencies use for ID checks they undertake. Then, we compliment this with intelligent, experienced and diligent staff to verify that the images provided are usable and, when the results are returned, to check once more that the results are accurate and true.

We have a Right To Work Support Desk available or a free online support desk (via email) which you can use to ask any questions you may have. We keep abreast of the latest trends relating to false and illegal documents and will provide updates to our customers on a timely basis.

Self Service

Ideal for larger organisations, those with a large workforce or those with a significant staff turnover. Checks are made using a web interface, smartphone App or a dedicated RTW scanner. You make the checks and our system will verify authenticity of the document – all you need to do is ensure the person being interviewed is the same person as the document verified.

  • Controlled by yourself
  • Perfect for larger organisations
  • Your own scanning device
  • Simple & easy to use

Managed Service

For SMEs or businesses who want the total security that ALL verification and RTW checks are being made. Documents are uploaded by the interviewee and we check for authenticity and our dedicated team ALSO check for RTW – a valid passport does not mean they have the RTW.

  • Access through web portal
  • Fast, efficient service
  • RTW checking as standard
  • Simple & easy to use

Urban Myth…


“I checked their ID when they started and have a copy…”

This is not sufficient to release you and your business from a potential penalty. To obtain your Statutory Excuse you MUST have checked specified documents that relate to the person you are employing. A fraudulent document that you have a copy of does not provide a valid excuse.

Copying ID documents doesn’t mean the individual has the right to work!